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Born in Jackson, Michigan in 1974 Raymond Salvatore Harmon grew up in the small town fringe on the border of Detroit's industrial wasteland. After a dismal attempt in the early 1990s at university education (anthropology) Harmon decided the best lessons are taught by life itself, which is as far from university living as one can imagine.
For more than a decade Harmon has been developing and evolving the theoretical and practical applications of non object oriented art. Utilizing new media, urban art, and interactive architecture in coordination with public performance, graffiti style ad bombing, and web based social engineering Harmon's work has carved out an over arching form of contemporary media insurgency. His works include graffiti murals, poster propaganda, immersive AV installations, and live video performances.
As a painter and urban artist Harmon works dominantly in the flat, or on the surface of the ground, floor or rooftop. His work takes on a variety of forms from abstract psychedelicsea creatures to stenciled poster propaganda. His pieces have been seen in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Brighton, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Berlin, Toulon and Alicante.
As an experimental filmmaker his work is often abstract, though the medium has evolved from early 16mm film performance to video over the past decade. His live video performances utilize circuit bent video hardware and feed back loops and is known for never performing from a laptop or computer. Harmon has performed improvised video with numerous musical groups from a diverse backgrounds including Exploding Star Orchestra, Rob Mazurek, Blood on the Wall, Diplo, Wolf Parade, Chicago Underground Trio, Birth Refusal, Mandarin Movie, Dave Phillips, HATI, Mikrokolektyw, Jason Forrest among others.
As a record producer Harmon has worked with highly acclaimed artists such as Andrew Bird, Chicago Underground Trio, Axel Doerner, Guillermo Gregorio, Jim Baker, Josh Abrams, Rob Mazurek, Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre, as well as collaborated on projects with the Magik Markers, Mikrokolektyw, David Grubbs, Wolfeyes, Alan Licht and Spires that in the Sunset Rise.
In what time is left at the end of Harmon's day he takes a great deal of pleasure dreaming, either awake or asleep.
Harmon currently resides in London, UK.




2009 Dweller on the Threshold. Secret Project Robot Gallery, Brooklyn NY, May/June
2007 Transcendental Territories. Inspire Fine Art, Chicago - April/May
2004 Isolated Instances. Heaven Gallery - Chicago - July
Isolated Instances. Open End Gallery - Chicago - February
2001 Oneirographers Closet. Feitico Gallery, Chicago, IL - August
Dreamlife of Sleeping Buildings (video installation). Technical University Eindhoven - Eindhoven, Holland - February
2000 Subliminal Scores for Improvisational Spaces. Around the Coyote Festival, Chicago, IL - September
Les Fantomes de Lumiere. (film improvisation) Chicago Underground Film Festival - August
1997 Sprayed On In Light. Outerpretation Media, Chicago, IL - September
1996 24fps (frames per second). Gallery 114 - (exhibition) - New York, NY - November




2010 Hadit.
2009 Sat Around for Peace.Language VirusLiber O vel Manus et SagittaeDer Erlk??nig
Choronzon (Dweller on the Threshold)
2008 Colossal Portal.
First Corruption.
Hypnotic Brutality.
A Story Never Told.
Hecate's Moon.
Aleister Crowley's Rites of Eleusis.
The Philosopher's Stone
2007 Veves + Loas.
Sigils of the Heptameron
2006 11:11.
Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge
2005 Plexus Illuminata.
2004 Reliquary of Light (for Mr Boyd Lynn).
2003 The Three Stigmata of Marshall McLuhan.
Cloud of Unknowing.
2002 Daath.
2001 A Map of the City.
Six Ways Sideways.
Unfolding Urban Algorithms.
The Koan of Sisyphus.
Tiny Inconsistencies
2000 Les Fantomes de Lumiere.
1999 staticerosion.
1997 Sprayed On In Light.




2009 "On the Nature of Light: The Cinematic Experience as Occult Ritual". Secret Project Robot Gallery, Brooklyn NY May 17
2008 Goldsmiths University, London, UK - February
2007 "Painted in Light: Experimental Film and the Advent of Improvised Cinema". University of Lodz, Poland - December
"Transcendental Cinema: Abstract Light and the Nature of Visual Meditation". New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco CA - July
2003 "An Empire of Signs Without Meaning: Marshall McLuhan and the Media Revolution". University of Oregon, Cultural Forum - Eugene, OR - October
2002 "Evolution vs. Revolution: Socio-communicative Developments Inside the Art Paradigm". Expressions School of New Media - Oakland, CA - June
2001 "Sublimate the Pretext: Delineation of Familiar Architectural Roles in our Environment". Cement Media Festival - Eindhoven, Holland - February
2000 "Implementing a Dialog: Proposal for Corporate Curatorial Program of Media Art". Royal Philips Laboratories, Eindhoven, Holland - August
"Unpremeditated Appearance : Context and Content in Film Presentation". Around the Coyote Arts Festival - Chicago, IL - May
1999 "Deviational Iconography and the Blank Screen: A Search for the Pure Image". Carnagie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA - May
1998 "Cumulative Response: The Manifestation of Technology in Public Art". New School of Art, Marin, CA October
1997 "Environmental Sound Design and the Virtual Installation". Jackson Community College, Jackson, MI - November
1993 "The Dynamics of Social Change: The De-evolution of Art in America". Olivet College, Olivet, MI - July




Equinox Festival: A Festival of Scientific Illuminism (featuring John Zorn, Comus, Erik Davis, zev, Peter Christopherson, Aethenor, K11, HATI, James Ferraro, Arktau Eos, Ralph Metzner, Edwin Pouncey, and many others) (12 - 14 June 2009 Conway Hall & Camden Centre, London)

Converging Histories: New Media works by Miroslaw Rogala and Rob Mazurek (05/10 - 06/04 2006 DANK Museum - Rough Space Gallery, Chicago)

Somethings's Out There - Harold Arts Residency (group show) (09/25 - 10/10 2006 DANK Museum - Rough Space Gallery, Chicago)

Alternate Currents: Images By, For, and About Music (Empty Bottle, Chicago : August - December 2005

Rob Mazurek (August). John Olson (September). Guillermo Gregorio (October). Carly Ptak (December)

Subliminal Subversion: Highlights from the 2003 Chicago Underground Film Festival (Select Media Festival - Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Nov 2003)




Raymond Salvatore Harmon Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Raymond Salvatore Harmon Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Raymond Salvatore Harmon Raymond Salvatore Harmon




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